Monday Morning Feng Shui: Light Up Your Life With Lamps, Sconces, Floor Lamps and Pendants

Feng Shui and lighting go hand-in-hand.  Lighting is one thing that can really affect your mood, health and overall energy levels.  Have you ever been in a space and felt tired, run down,  or just felt like your energy was zapped?  Chances are the lighting was dim, poorly wired, or was not adequate for the space.  I've had clients that have literally had health problems as a result of poor lighting. 

Lighting is important, super important.  It affects everyone, either consciously or unconsciously.  Some people are more aware of their surroundings and environment than others; but trust me, everyone if affected by their space.  Imagine the effects, over time, from lights that are too dim or lighting that has poor wiring and constantly flickers.  Even inadequate lighting sources affect you. 

There are simple solutions though.  First and foremost, fix and repair any lighting needing it.  Second, increase the bulb wattage in existing lighting sources if you can.  If your budget allows, add more lighting, it will be money well spent.  I am a lover of lighting, of all sizes and shapes of lamps and placing them everywhere!   That little nook or bookcase must have some lighting. 
Here are some great examples of wonderful lighting options:

This is truly an exceptional, work of art pendant!  Pendants are great for spot lighting, for lighting a small area or space.
Can you tell I am in awe of Herve Van der Straeten's lighting designs?  This exquisite table lamp, placed in a bedroom or living room, will surely light up the space and amp up the fire/Feng Shui energy of those rooms. 

Floor lamps are a great source of lighting when end tables are absent.  The space may be too small for an end table, or you may just prefer the look/feel of a floor lamp.  The swing arm on this one makes if perfect for placement next to a reading chair. 
Wall sconces and wall lights are great just about anywhere!  In the bathroom on each side of the mirror over the sink, on each side of a bed, in a dimly lit hall, over the fireplace on each side of a piece of art, the possibilities (with proper wall wiring) are endless.  

These options are simple solutions and I purposefully left out recessed lighting or other options requiring the cutting of ceilings and drywall.  Lighting is a quick and efficient way to increase the fire element in Feng Shui and proper lighting can make all the world of difference in improving your space and life.  Happy Monday and Happy Ch'i for today, dana


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