Monday Morning Feng Shui: The Bagua

It is once again Monday hope is that everyone had a restful, relaxing weekend to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. 

While shopping with Alex, this door caught my attention; and it caused me to think about this post.    The vibrant red, shape, and gold accents would surely draw attention and bring in customers to any business. 
In Feng Shui, colors are very important and using a tool called the Bagua is paramount to any Feng Shui consultation or use of Feng Shui.  The Bagua, an 8 area guide or map, coordinates colors, textures, shapes and other things to a given area of life.  This tool is placed over a home, room, office or business for implementing Feng Shui.  Each area on the map in the links above are color coded.  For example, the Wealth and Prosperity corner is purple and purple or shades of purple are recommended when working in this area of your space.  There is much, much more to using this tool; this is the basic color-coordinated map. 
The Bagua has been used for thousands of years successfully, so something about this and the energy work done in tandem is very powerful!  Think about all the possibilities for change and intended change that could be implemented in your life, home or business.  Happy Monday and Happy Ch'i, Dana

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