monday morning quick feng shui for your work or home office desk

Another Monday, another chance to start the week off right.  Coming off the weekend vibe can be difficult and can zap the weekend rejuvenation for some.  My first words of wisdom, grab a great cup of coffee or green tea to start your time at the office.  The sensory experience gives you just enough of a boost to energize yourself and starts you off in a positive place. 

While sipping your choice of beverage, tackle the feng shui of your desk.  What is this you ask?  The bagua map in feng shui placed in correct position over a house or room, can be applied to your office desk!  It's quite effective and takes just minutes to implement, making it a great Monday morning ritual. 

To start, organize your paperwork.  Place work to tackle immediately in a tray; and if necessary, use labeled, stacked trays to further organize projects.  Once your desk is somewhat cleared of paperwork, take a few moments to look at your desk, scan everything on it and decide what you love and what you do not love.  Remove what you do not love, if possible.  Use this time to create your personal sanctuary, keep in mind the bagua area you would like to focus on and map it out on your desk.  For example, the upper left-hand corner of the bagua is related to wealth, getting more wealth (however you define wealth), increasing opportunities for wealth to come in and resolving any blockages you may have in this area.  This can take just minutes to do, so don't worry about spending lots of time on this; remember, this is a quick "feng shui tune-up".
Wealth enhancements could be a plant to encourage growth in this area or a small water fountain.  These are just a couple of ideas, there are many things that could be creatively done...the possibilities are endless!  Make it a Monday morning priority to start off in this manner and wait to see what things come of it.  This is the beauty of feng shui.  love and happy ch'i, dana


  1. I love this idea! I'm looking at my desk right now to figure out what to put in that corner!

  2. Thank you. Working with an area of your life you are focusing on now, and adding an enhancement can be very powerful. Let me know what changes can happen instantly or may take time. dana