Monday Morning Feng Shui: Pets

Energy=ch'i or chi and is the guiding principle of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is all about learning to listen to your gut instinct; learning to feel and recognize this energy, and learning to use this to help guide your placement of objects, furniture or any item within your environment. 

My Monday Morning Feng Shui posts are short and simple snippets for instant change.  Some of these may or may not relate to you or your life.  If you'd like a specific post, or have a question;  please just ask or write in a comment with your request. 

Pets can really amp up energy in any environment!  In fact, they are considered the fire element in Feng Shui.  If you are feeling stagnant energy in your home, or there is little motivation, or depression is present; getting a pet may be just what the doctor orders.  As I type this, my Mother's  baby Shih Tzu is chewing on the cord to my computer!  He is only 10 weeks old, is visiting with Grandma today, and he really is adding a whole lot of energetic vibes to our house! 

Baby Bentley...all 4 pounds of him

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility and a lifetime commitment so it is really important to fully evaluate your life to see if this is the right Feng Shui fix for you.  Thinking deeply about the time and energy needed to care for a pet, and if this is something you can give, is required before delving into this venture.  There are other fire elements that require a whole lot less time and commitment that may be a better fit if your life is full and busy already.   Happy Monday and Happy Ch'i, Dana


  1. How cute is that Bentley! I like this idea and will try to adapt this view to my own not-so-little fire element. :) I truly never knew a purer joy before she came into my life 13.5 years ago.

  2. I am in love with this little, fluffy ball of joy! Animals can be a great addition to any family; and I am amazed at how long you have had your pet(dog?)! ~dana