Feng Shui: Increase Prosperity with Succulents

Who couldn't use a boost of Abundance?  Although every where and never scarce, sometimes we just cannot seem to attract abundance into our lives.  So, how does one summon it?  

First and foremost, it must be incarnated into your thoughts.  Once in your thought process, it must be harnessed into a conscious state and be defined and clear.  Knowing what type of abundance you'd like to attract into your life is key. 
Once defined, writing it out in the form of an intention will make it even more powerful.  This is not required, but it can increase the energetic frequency and make a bigger impact!  Adding a plant to the area of your home that corresponds in Feng Shui to your intention adds even more punch.  Succulents are especially beautiful and powerful to carry and anchor your intention and energy.  Not only are they visually appealing, succulents are relatively easy to care for.  Look for succulents with "coin-shaped" leaves  (like the green ones in the photo below) this has the added impact of attracting more money into your life!  Happy Monday and Happy Ch'i, Dana


  1. I love succulents and I absolutely adore this idea! Can you give us a map to guide our intentions? I'm not sure that my succulent is in the right place. :)

  2. Hello! The bagua map is the tool used in Feng Shui as a guide to placing objects one chooses to change. To fully help you, please let me know when we can schedule an on-site feng shui consultation or an on-line consultation (these details are being worked into the new blog design coming soon). ~Dana