Some Beautiful Flowers, Thoughts on Clarity, Deepak Chopra and being Conscious for Clear Feng Shui Energy Flow

Ever have a day that your energy if just "off"?  Maybe you didn't get enough sleep the night before, maybe you were in a rush to get to work and spilled that great cup of coffee getting out the door.  It could be that your energy, created and directed within your mind, is causing the mishaps.  This is a signal from the universe that it's time to stop and become more mindful, more present.  This will slow down any out-of-control, crazy energy that you do not want nor need!  These flowers captured my attention today, the beauty and sunlight shining upon them caused me to pause and take in the calming and centering energy.   This link to Deepak Chopra's Conscious Lifestyle Awareness Exercises may be just what you need?  Happy Thursday and Happy Ch'i, Dana

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