My Favorite BB Cream and Tinted Moisturizer

A reader posted and is looking for a new foundation and/or BB cream.  My absolute favorite, light-weight foundation is the oil-free tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier.  The coverage is just right for everyday use and can be layered for additional coverage.  It gives my skin a healthy glow equal to that of my skin in my 30's!  I like the oil-free version (she makes a regular one) as my skin tends to be a tad bit oily.  For more coverage, I wear Clinique's Age Defense BB cream.  It has anti-oxidants, aging protection, SPF of 30 and is rich enough that I can skip moisturizer.  Truly a great one-step, do-it-all foundation.  Snag Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer at Sephora and the BB cream at any upscale retailer.  B beautiful inside and out.  Love and Happy Ch'i, Dana 



  1. I use the Clinique BB cream because I have aged skin-it helps make my skin dewy without that heavy foundation look

  2. Hello there and welcome to my blog. At age 46, my skin is very different than it was in my thirties and these two products help me keep my skin looking youthful. Do you find the Clinique BB cream to have medium coverage? Thank you for commenting! ~Dana