The Yin and Yang and Feng Shui of Ginger Dressing

My inspiration today is based upon the changing season.  As the weather turns from the dark, serene, Winter (yin energy) to the brighter, growing Spring (yang energy) my palate and my body also require less hot, hearty food.  I am craving smaller portions, lighter fare and feeling the need to cleanse my body in preparation for the coming of Spring.  If you think about balance, represented by the yin and yang symbols in the Chinese culture, the days are getting longer and brighter with the sun moving closer to us.  To balance this yang energy using food, this more outward energy if you will, yin food energy is needed, think of cold food, salads, smoothies, fresh fruits, and water with fresh lemon slices and cucumbers. 

One of my favorite salads are those simple iceberg lettuce and ginger dressing salads at sushi and Japanese restaurants.  The ginger dressing is so simple, fresh and very yin.  So, rather than buying bulk amounts of the dressing from my favorite sushi restaurant, I've scoured the Internet and found the most amazing recipe from goop.  Star, cookbook author, and fashionista, Gwyneth Paltrow is the creator of goop

Making the dressing is so simple, I used my Cuisinart food processor to blend the carrots, ginger and shallot.

dana casey
The recipe says to pulse, but I wanted a smoother texture and let the processor run for a minute or so.  I couldn't wait to taste this after adding the grape seed oil, sesame oil, miso and water!  It was every bit as good as my favorite sushi restaurant ginger dressing, although I love a lot of ginger, and added another tablespoon or so for my palate. 

The recipe makes about a cup of dressing, so there is enough for many salads or to store and refrigerate and use at a later time.  Enjoy!  Dana

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