Spring is almost here!  After the long, Winter haul, I for one, cannot wait to see some green and the first sprouts of grass and flowers arriving.  Yesterday, the rainy day was dark, cold and kind of grim.  So, I felt the need to burn some candles, to add some feng shui "fire" energy to my home.  I was inspired today by lighting, another fire element in feng shui.  How fun would it be to have a chandelier like this in your entryway or living room?

To add even more fire energy, the pink in this umbrella chandelier will definitely bring you a definite energy boost.  As much as I love the crystal chandelier, this one may be more practical for the budget :-)

A rainbow pop of color in a area of your home needing some energetic lift is sure to do it.  I just love the color combination, very happy and uplifting.

The water element is symbolized in this arrangement in the rain-drop chandelier surrounded by these fun, whimsical paper umbrellas.  This would be great for a teens bedroom or an art studio or art space. 

Using inspiration from the Seasons to add feng shui elements, color and design to spaces is one way to bring the natural elements into your living space.  Enjoy the coming of Spring, and the watery energy of the rain!  Love and happy ch'i, Dana

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