Pantone Emerald Green, Family, Feng Shui and Life

World renowned color authority, Pantone announced emerald green as the 2013 color of the year.

This edict will affect many industries, from fashion to paper goods and these colors will trickle down to all of us, the end consumer.  I personally love green, although there is not much of the radiant and elegant emerald tone in my home.  Green in Feng Shui represents growth, Spring, the family area.  Since green will be in abundance this year because of the Pantone declaration, this would be a good year to work some green into your home and life.  It will be especially important for those needing to work on a family issue, work at improving family relationships or those needing to solidify positive family dynamics. 

How beautiful would it be to incorporate a green sofa such as this one into the family area of your home? 

 How cozy would it be to cuddle up on this velvet, tufted green sofa with your family or kids?  The light color and delicate flowers add a bit of contrast to the space.  Think of all the possibilities to accessorize this wonderful sofa...I would add pink accent pillows and a patterned throw to pull it all together. 

You can also choose to work the family into your life with fashion Feng Shui.  Wearing a color that symbolizes the area of your life you wish to enhance can be as powerful or even more powerful than changing your environment.  This emerald green dress is a classic style, a Jackie-O type of dress that I just love. 

Use color!  I repeat myself, use color.  Life is full of endless possibilities to enhance with color.  And,'s so much fun to use your life as your art palate.  Have fun, happy ch'i and love, Dana


  1. I love emerald green, and especially what it represents. What great suggestions for incorporating it into our lives!

    1. Thank you Carrie! Now that I've blogged about emerald green, it is coming into my life everywhere I go.